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12 Bad Foods That Will Get You Sick and Eventually Kill You.
Video By Dr. Peter Glidden, ND

This is the video that saved the life of Andres Padua.  Dr. Peter Glidden in 21 minutes explains the 12 Deadly Foods and the health issues they cause.

Gluten-Free Products, Are They Really Gluten-Free?
Doctor Blows The Whistle on The Truth about 

How effective is chemotherapy?  Does it cure cancer? Is there a cure for cancer? Does your oncologist make money from the sale of chemo? 

Dr. Peter Glidden - Cancer Chaos thumbni
The Leading Cause of Death Among Hispanics, Latinos and African Americans is Cancer.

Can you guess what is common denominator these 3 nationalities have that is triggering their cancer?

Statin Lowering Cholesterol Drugs are More Dangerous Than You Think
Dr. Leonard Coldwell, MD


What happens to your brain when you lower your cholesterol?  Did you know your brain myelin by weight is 95% cholesterol?  What happens when your brain does not receive enough cholesterol?  Dr. Leonard Coldwell explains in this video.

Why Youngevity Medical Nutrition is Superior and More Effective Than Their Competitors.
Dr. Peter Glidden, ND & Dr. Joel Wallach, ND
900 Diseases and Illnesses Can Be Reversed with Certain Minerals & Vitamins!
Dr. Joel Wallach, ND


According to leading naturopathic physician Dr. Wallach, over 900 illnesses and disorders can be simply reversed by treating the patient with minerals, vitamins and abstaining from foods we consume every day.  Diseases such as diabetes, asthma, hypertension, obesity, kidney disorders, arthritis, and others are caused by nutrient deficiencies and the foods we consume.

Are You Preparing For The Insulin Shortage Coming in 2030?  Millions Will Die.
Andres "The Bronx Citizen"

According to Mainstream News Media, there will be a major insulin shortage headed our way in 2030 if not sooner.  How do diabetics prepare for this horrible disaster that is headed their way?  Andres "The Bronx Citizen" explains in this video.

Testimony, Lady Reverses Her Diabetes Type II
Video by Sean Mahoney
Medical doctors are stuck in the past with their archaic machiavellian therapeutics that do not work.  They will tell their patients "Once you have a chronic disease like diabetes, you're stuck with it for your entire life."  This proves the allopathic medical industry do not research the latest clinical studies, especially in naturopathic medical nutrition.
Medical Doctors Get You Sick and The Naturopathic Doctors Have To Cure The Mess The MD's Left
Dr. Joel Wallach, ND
If more than half of Americans are sick, what could be the source of their sicknesses?
Former Pharma Executive Blows The Whistle on Vaccines To The CDC Advisory Committee
Former Merck Executive Rep "Brandy Vaughan" approaches the CDC Advisory Committee informing them the dangers of vaccines and for not doing their job in protecting the American People.
Why Children Die From Cardiac Arrest While Playing Sports & Professional Athletes Live Short Lives.
Dr. Joel Wallach, ND


Thousands of children die from heart attacks every year and the statistics are increasing worldwide.  Professional athletes life expectancy is approximately 60 years despite they have the best doctors and the best healthcare.  Dr. Joel Wallach explains.

The Killer Oils
Olive Oil Is The Unhealthiest Oil On The Planet.  It Reduces Blood Flow by 31% and Can Last Up To Last About 6-Hours Damaging Endothelial Cells and Hardening The Arteries Study Shows.  
A shocking study by Dr. Robert Vogel in 1999 shows Olive Oil constricts arteries, therefore reducing blood flow by 31%.  Dr. Vogel received the same result from previous research after volunteers ate a Big Mac with fries and a
milkshake.  The study concluded not only does Olive Oils reduces blood flow but also damages endothelial cells.  By injuring endothelial cells and reducing a number of endothelial cells left to produce nitric oxide makes our blood "sticky".  This causes debris collecting in your bloodstream that causes a whole cascade of events that lead to inflammation, heart disease, plaque formation, and heart attacks.  If that isn't bad enough, other past studies indicated all oils including Olive Oil causes free radicals.  Free radicals damage many cells that create oxidative damage.  Oxidative damage is known to cause cancer.  Play video below.

Medical Facts That Everyone Believed Now Scientifically Proven Were Really Myths.


  • Salt raises your blood pressure. It doesn’t matter what type of salt.


  • Everyone should consume foods that are fat-free or low fat. Any kind of fat clogs arteries.


  • Lowering cholesterol prevents clogged arteries and heart attacks.


  • You should drink about 15 cups (Approx. 3.5 liters) of water per day to remain hydrated especially during the summer season.


  • Butter and Lard are unhealthy.  It clots your arteries.


  • Extra virgin olive oil is the healthiest oil on the planet.


  • The Mediterranean Diet is the healthiest diet on the planet.


  • You can get all your essential nutrients the body requires by eating an organic plant-based diet or organic vegetables only.


  • Coconut Oil is the healthiest oil on the planet.


  • Cereal is part of a complete breakfast.


  • Your metabolism becomes slower as you get older and that's why you get fat as you get older.


  • We must eat foods that are part of the Five Basic Food Groups (Dairy, Fruits, Vegetables, Grains and Lean Meats.)


  • GMO Foods (Genetically Modified Organism) do not cause health issues.  They are safe to eat.


  • Pesticides and Herbicides that farmers stray on crops are safe and have no health risks.


  • Diseases such as asthma, arthritis, heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s are all genetically inherited and are not reversible.  They can only be managed with drugs.


  • Heartburn or Acid Reflux is caused by excessive stomach acid.


  • All vaccines are safe and it does not compromise your immune system or other body systems.


  • You need to consume gluten to prevent heart attacks and other health issues.

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