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About NutriWarriors

Andres Padua, Team NutriWarriors

NutriWarriors is a network of thousands of individuals that have one goal and one objective in mind, to get everyone on the planet healthy including humans and their pets.


Founder Andres Padua from the Bronx of New York City suffered from 12 diseases.  On March 9th, 2017 he suffered a stroke.  This led him to research his 12 diseases and discovered on the internet the origin of these illnesses and how to reverse them.  Through his research, Andres uncovered that the body requires 90 essential nutrients for optimal health.  Over 900 diseases are actually linked to nutritional deficiency.  As a result, Andres learned how to reverse his 12 disorders:


  •  Asthma (Suffered since the age of 5)

  •  Metabolic Arthritis (Knees and Hands)

  •  Diabetes Type II

  •  Prostatitis

  •  Hypertension (BP 220/140)

  •  Enlarged Heart Chamber

  •  Edema (Inflammation)

  •  Morbid Obesity (365 lbs.)

  •  Eating Disorder

  •  Digestive Disorders

  •  Stroke (March 9th, 2017)

  •  Depression


Andres currently conducts free educational lectures and workshops in his community to churches, health and Wellness organizations, women’s and men’s clubs and to anyone who desires to eliminate their illnesses and live a long healthy life.

In his lectures, he covers important topics and issues including:


  • Why The Bronx is the unhealthiest county in the state of New York

  • Why gluten-free, nonGMO and organic food products are not available at Bronx grocery stores

  • Why the borough of Staten Island has the highest rate of cancer among all the counties of New York

  • Why Latinos/Hispanic and African Americans Have The Highest Rate of Cancer among all demographics 

  • The 12 Deadly Foods People Eat Every Day and Why They’re Deadly

  • What ingredients to look for in food labels that will get you sick and ultimately kill you

  • How to Reverse Over 900 Diseases and Keep Your Family Healthy With Proper Nutrition

  • How to protect your children from having cardiac arrest while playing sports

  • Why breast cancer is increasing, how to reverse it and prevent it

  • How to cook healthy using your favorite spices

  • How to get high-quality nutrients for free

  • And other important health-related topics


His educational lectures are filled with energy, enthusiasm and most of all, his lectures contain valuable information based on medical research.

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