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About Andres Padua,

The Bronx Citizen Who Reversed His 14 Diseases

365 Lbs.
March 2017
14 Diseases
265 Lbs.
June 21st 2017
1 Disease Remaining
Since the age of 5, my parents and grandparents were feeding me pancakes (aka hotcakes), oatmeal, fried eggs, bread, fried chicken, fried pork chops, beef stew, lasagna, stir fry veggies and the list goes on.  Oh, let’s not forget those delicious snacks such as potato chips, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate pudding, etc.  I was eating my veggies like a good little boy.  Some of my friends would say "man you had it good.  I wish I had all that food when I was a kid. I was starving when I was younger."  I was eating well-balanced meals practically every day.  My belly was full so I couldn’t complain.  My parents were feeding me very well however, I was still starving...starving for nutrients and some of those foods I was consuming were very unhealthy.


Both my parents and I began to experience health issues in our early 30’s.  My father in his early 30’s was diagnosed with diabetes.  My mother suffered from asthma, arthritis, hypertension, and other illnesses.  Since I was 5 years old I suffered from chronic bronchial asthma.  I was constantly in and out of hospitals.  At the age of 30, my journey began with all kinds of health issues that my parents suffered.


On March 9th at the age of 48, I experienced my first stroke.  Although it was a minor stroke, however, it was a scary moment.  My parents and all of my family members were not aware I experienced a stroke.  Right about this time I was on 14 medications including anti-depressants, statin drugs, high blood pressure meds, acid reflux medications, etc.

My primary physician changed my blood pressure medication about 5 times and could not control my hypertension.  The medicine chest in my bathroom was my personal pharmacy.  You name the drug, I had it from Antibiotics to Zicam including over the counter drugs.  Physicians could not figure out why I was getting sicker and sicker.  Could all of these illnesses have been genetically inherited from my parents as all my doctors claimed?

March 10th, 2017 I visited my primary physician and he gave me some more bad news.  Aside from my stroke, now I was diagnosed with a high PSA (could be prostate cancer or prostatitis).  This was just great.  I am now going to end up with 8 doctors on my roster including a pending appointment with an oncologist.  Well, guess what? I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and prostatitis.

At this time I knew it was time for me to die.  I felt death all over me.  I was so ill that I knew THIS WAS IT. IT’S TIME TO DIE!  Depressed and with my swollen right face from the stroke and from receiving the news from my doctor, I went to my attic.  I know what you’re thinking for those of you reading this.  You're thinking I’m going to do myself in and overdose on meds to end it all.  Well, you know that didn't happen.  I'm still here writing this short bio. LOL.

I actually went to my attic and pulled out some old photos from my childhood including my high school yearbook.  Perhaps looking at old family photos and my high school yearbook would cheer me up a bit.  Plus I wanted to select some family photos for my wake service.  I was actually planning my own funeral.  I don’t think there was anyone on planet earth that prepared for their own funeral.  I may be the first.  I was even willing to call a funeral director and let them know they’re getting a customer soon and have some coffins ready for me so I may choose a nice one.
I didn’t have many friends in high school.  About 30 friends signed my yearbook.  I got more depressed because half of those 30 classmates who signed my yearbook are all deceased from cardiac arrest, cancer, a diabetic coma or some kind of illness.  Only one classmate died in an automobile accident. What really opened my eyes was “all who died from an illness in their 30's and 40's.  Not one reached the age of 50.  It appeared that I was next in line at the age of 49.  Is this the year 2017 that I am going to die?
What was even more depressing, they didn’t outlive their parents.  We are living in a generation where children are dying before their parents and even their grandparents.  We are witnessing the baby boomers outliving Gen X and the millennials.  This is insane.

I decided to take a leave of absence from radio broadcasting.  I conducted research online to find anyone who was experiencing all of my illnesses and perhaps they know some cures because my medications were not working.  One video on youtube I came across by Dr. Peter Glidden a Naturopathic Physician titled "The 12 Deadly Foods" caught my attention after ignoring it several times.  He explained the 12 Deadly Foods and why they are considered dangerous.  He challenged viewers to abstain from the 12 bad foods for two weeks, then on the 15th day to go crazy and eat all the bad foods.  Well, I accepted his challenge.

On day 1, April 1st, 2017 I abstained from all the 12 Deadly Foods.  First I abstained from gluten for a few days.  After a couple of days of abstaining gluten, I woke up in the morning and there was no change in my health.  I still felt death was knocking at the door and I continued to be very ill.  I started to think this Dr. Peter Glidden is phony baloney and he’s a quack just like all naturopathic and holistic doctors.  They should be called Naturo-pathetic Doctors because they're all naturally pathetic including allopathic medical doctors.  They're all quack-a-doddles.

About 10 days later, "Holy Crap on a Cracker," I began to feel a little better.  I went to put on my slippers and for the first time, my slippers actually fit on my feet.  Both of my feet went right into my slippers.  I got on the scale and lost 5 additional pounds.  I notice my inflammation was slightly reducing all over my body (hands, feet, legs, arms, neck, etc.)

Another 10 days later, I lost 10 more pounds.  Although I was feeling much better, however, I was not 100%.  I was still suffering from all my illnesses however it's an improvement.  I decided to watch some more videos from Dr. Peter Glidden.  It seemed he was an expert about the 12 Deadly Foods.  It is quite possible he may have some knowledge regarding my illnesses.  Other doctors have tried making me healthy however, they failed.  I was already near death so why the heck not.  So I began watching more videos from this quacky doctor Peter Glidden.

I must have watched over 100 videos from Dr. Glidden on my ROKU device lying on my bed including his lectures, interviews, and webinars.  This is when I learned about his colleague Dr. Joel Wallach who is the founder of Youngevity.  Youngevity has a motto called “90 For Life” which simply means in order to maintain optimal health and remain healthy everyone must take 90 essential nutrients that include 60 essential minerals, 16 essential vitamins, 12 amino acids, and 3 essential fatty acids.  This is actually 91 nutrients but 90 is a nice rounded off number.  I thought this was some kind of scam in order for people to purchase vitamins and minerals particularly the Youngeity’s brand.

Well, I decided to follow Dr. Peter Glidden and Dr. Joel Wallach’s advice.  It was time to nutrify my body and I began taking the 90 essential nutrients.  Let see where this will take me.  The nutrients will either kill me or make me feel better.  I followed Dr. Glidden and Wallach’s directions by dosing according to my weight and gradually decrease the dosage has I lost weight.


Within 4 weeks of my medical nutrition therapy, I lost another 50lbs, I ate less and I didn't hungry every 2 hours. I eliminated my midnight snacks without even noticing it.  I didn't crave for midnight snacks and HOLY CRAP ON A CRACKER...within 6 months 13 of 14 ILLNESSES HAVE BEEN REVERSED INCLUDING MY PROSTATE CANCER.  My asthma was reversed within 3 weeks. In addition, my blood pressure and blood sugar returned back to normal.


Even when I get up in the morning I'm energized and ready to begin the day.  I haven't felt like this since I was 13 years old.   I still eat 3 meals a day and I do not count calories.  When I shop for groceries I read the ingredients on the label to ensure none of the 12 Deadly Foods are present.  I cook my own meals now and bake my own pastries.  Occasionally I'll purchase gluten-free pastries.


My illnesses were not genetically inherited from my parents or some of my ancestors as many doctors claimed; it was due to Nutritional Deficiencies and from consuming the 12 Deadly Foods.  My body was starving for nutrients.  7 medical doctors could not figure it out why was I getting so sick.  It took one doctor on youtube, Dr. Peter Glidden to turn my health around.  If it were not for Dr. Glidden I would have never discovered Dr. Joel Wallach’s medical nutritional products.  I would have been dead today as of October 15th, 2017.

The 12 Deadly Foods

Video By Andres "The Bronx Citizen"

If you were told “a Bronx Citizen” with a substandard education who has no medical background cured all his 14 chronic diseases (Cancer, Diabetes, Asthma, Hypertension and others)…would you believe him?  What would convince you as proof that Andres had 14 diseases and reversed each one?  How about if he showed you all his medications that he eliminated within 6-months?  Would that convince you?  Since the age of 5, Andres from the Bronx suffered from chronic asthma.  By his mid twenties he began developing other illnesses.  At the age of 49, Andres ended up with 14 diseases and discovered why he was getting sick and his health was worsening.  In this explosive 4-hour video, Andres explains:


  • Certain Foods We Consume Everyday That is Getting Everyone Sick

  • Medical Studies Andres Discovered regarding cooking oils

  • Why more than half of Americans are sick with at least one chronic disease

  • Why The Bronx is the unhealthiest county for 7 consecutive years and approaching the 8th year

  • Why Hispanics, Latinos and African-Americans have the highest cancer rate and coronary diseases

  • How Andres discovered certain nutrients reverses over 900 diseases

  • The truth about the grains wheat, barley, rye and oats that everyone eats everyday

  • Does gluten really lower the risk of heart attacks as medical studies claim?

  • Did your ancestors consume foods laced with pesticides, herbicides and GMO Foods (Generically Modified Organism)?

  • Why don’t Americans research their diseases on how to cure them when the information is available on the internet?

  • Why don’t doctors report to government regulated agencies on how people are curing their diseases so a public announcement can be made?

  • All this and more on this explosive 4-hour video

The 90 Essential Nutrients The Body Needs Daily
By The Bronx Citizen "Andres
This is part 2 of the video series "Bronx Citizen Cures His 14 Diseases).  Andres “The Bronx Citizen” reverses his 14 Chronic Diseases and eliminated all his medical drugs within 3 to 6 months.  In this video, you will learn


  • How to correctly dose each supplement he used to reverse all his diseases

  • What is the difference between maintenance dosage and therapeutic dosage

  • The deception of the cereal TV commercial slogan “PART OF A COMPLETE BREAKFAST”

  • Why Americans are getting sicker quicker

  • Why is it important to maintain 150,000 ORAC value score or higher every day

  • What foods and nutrients contain high ORAC score

  • And much more health topics

Two Years Later


Posted on Social Media

April 1st, 2019 marked the day of my 2 Year Anniversary from abstaining The 12 Deadly Foods.  There were only two occasions I cheated during those two years, at a friend’s birthday party and after a Salsa Warriors’ Event at 2 am when a family member took me to White Castles.  Boy did I regret those 2 days because the next day I woke up sick to my stomach with serious pains.  Never again!


I must say it is a blessing from God Almighty who gave me the strength to reverse my diseases after my minor stroke March 9th 2017.  I was able to reverse 13 out of 14 of my chronic illnesses.  I am still dealing with one illness and it’s a pain in the butt to reverse.


During those two years (2017-2019) I learned how to cook healthy, gained more knowledge about the 12 bad foods, studied and continue to take the 90 Essential Nutrients without missing a dose and also learned how to maintain my ORAC Score between 100k to 150k.  I have not gotten sick with any symptoms including, headaches, flu-like symptoms, heartburn, hot flashes, difficulty breathing, wheezing, and among other symptoms.  My body feels like I am 20 years old.


I was often sick like every other week.  I learned most of my body systems were damaged from eating many foods that contained chemical ingredients and GMOs that was causing malnutrition and damaging the telomeres of my chromosomes.  To repair all of this, I had to cleanse my body by abstaining from the bad foods and take the proper medical nutrition to reverse each illness.  That’s when I learned most diseases are linked to a deficiency of specific nutrients which is why I take 90 Essential Nutrients to keep all my body systems healthy.


Within 6 months, I eliminated all my drugs (all 14 of them).  I don’t even take an aspirin.  I discovered my damaged nervous system was causing my migraine headaches from all the foods I was consuming that were laced with chemicals and from eating LOW FAT FOODS.  That’s right folks.  You read that correctly.  Low-Fat Diets causes damage to your nervous system and other body systems as well.  I went back to my ancestors who cooked and consumed with whole milk (not low fat), butter (not margarine or oils), cream, lard, salt, molasses (not syrup) and millet grains not wheat (Only a handful cooked with wheat).


Our generation today mocks their ancestors for their primitive methods; nevertheless, they knew how to keep themselves healthy.  Unlike today’s generation, now considered an epidemic generation where everyone is very ill and their illnesses are getting worse, not better.  They don't have the foggiest idea of what is keeping them sick.  Our ancestors would be ashamed to witness the health condition that has befallen this generation.

Contact Andres Padua for all information including (Trouble locating products in our Youngevity store, product information, health questions, how to dose properly for effective and maximum absorption, becoming an affiliate, health nutrition training, health recovery workshops etc.)  If you do not receive a response within 24-hours, we may have received an incorrect email.)

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