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Cancer, The Leading Cause of Death Among Hispanics, Latinos and African-Americans.


Cancer is the leading cause of death among Hispanics, Latinos and African-Americans combined for the past 20 years according to the American Cancer Society.  The most common cancers among these 3 nationalities are lung, bone, prostate, liver, stomach and kidney.  I have been studying naturopathic Wholistic therapeutics (not holistic) for 2 years and will be studying for the rest of my life.  Every day I have to stay on top of the latest updates and new medical research.  I believe these 3 nationalities have something in common.  What could possibly be the common denominator among these groups?  Stay tuned.

As a former cancer patient, it is critical that I be very cautious of "cancer recurrence".  I must keep my immune system strong making certain it is not compromised so it can fight off free radicals and harmful invaders such as germs or bacteria.  This is done by taking certain vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids that support the immune system.  It is the reason why I take all Essential 90 Nutrients daily to maintain all my body system healthy including (the Immune system, respiratory system, nervous system etc.)  In addition, I consume many foods and cook with spices and herbs that contain high ORAC (Oxidative Radical Absorbance Capacity) score. That is how my Hispanic and American ancestors managed to maintain a healthy lifestyle and rarely got sick.  



The allopathic medical industry claims cancer is a genetic disorder while the naturopathic industry claims it is a self-inflicted disease caused by our eating habits and environmental factors.  The allopathic industry now confirms one of the contributing factors that cause cancer is oxidative damage from free radicals that invade the body.  Both industries concur the sources of oxidative damage is normally the toxic chemicals we breath from automobile fumes, Jet fumes, chimney smoke, asbestos, plus harmful chemicals in body lotions, types of aerosol sprays, fragrances and so forth.  Besides these toxic chemicals that invite free radicals, we are forgetting one additional factor what I believe it is a major one, "The Foods We Consume Every Day."

You can't deny it.  It is a cultural fact.  Fried foods are everyone's favorite foods in America, especially for the Hispanics, Latinos and African Americans communities. If you're in New York City visiting, take a tour to Spanish and Black Harlem.  Count the number of restaurants on each block versus discount stores and clothing stores.  Oh, don't forget the street food vendors.  The smell alone from the fried foods is enough to give you a heart attack.  So, what's wrong with Fried Foods you may ask?  Well, despite it clogs arteries and causes heart attacks, when foods are fried with cooking oils regardless the type of oil; olive, coconut, corn oil and so forth, and the oil is oxidized (which takes one second to oxidize when it hits the air), it produces a carcinogenic chemical called "acrylamide." One of my Naturopathic doctors calls it a chemical that is "a bad voodoo daddy" for the human body.  I love that doctor.  He's the greatest.  Fried foods are one of the 12 Deadly Foods everyone must avoid immediately.  Watch the video "The 12 Deadly Foods."


Sodium Nitrates and Nitrites are preservatives added to foods to extend the shelf life of the product.  It is mainly added to deli processed meats (ham, salami, pepperoni, bacon, franks etc).  It is also added to can packaged meat products such as Spam, Corn Beef, Vienna sausages and others.  So what's wrong with nitrates and nitrites?  When these two ingredients are heated whether fried, baked in an oven or grilled, many get the impression baking franks or bacon is safe, think again, these two preservatives produces a carcinogenic chemical called "Nitrosamine."

Let us think for a quick second and take two foods that contain nitrates/nitrites, for example, Spam and Vienna sausages.  Two of the favorite foods for Hispanics and Afro-Americans.  How do Hispanics and African Americans love to cook these two foods in particular?  FRIED!  What two carcinogenic chemicals will you be consuming?  You guess it, acrylamide from the oxidative oil and Nitrosamine from the Nitrates and Nitrates.  Hispanics and African Americans have a higher risk of cancer due to the foods they're consuming.  Perhaps it is the reason why cancer is the leading cause of death among these three groups.  Can cancer be reversed? Visit the cancer section on the DISEASES MENU.

Cancer Chaos
Dr. Peter Glidden, ND

Dr. Glidden discusses the ineffectiveness of allopathic medical treatment for cancer.  Is chemotherapy really effective?  What do the statistics show?

Stop Eating The 12 Deadly Foods
  • Wheat
  • Barley
  • Rye
  • Oats
  • Oils in a bottle
  • Fried Foods
  • Deli Meats w/Nitrates & Nitrites
  • Carbonated Drinks with Meals
  • Skins of Baked Potatoes
  • Well Done Red Meat
  • Corn, Soy and all GMO Foods 
90 Essential Nutrients (Healthy Body Paks), Salt, Eggs, Poultry with The Skins, rare or medium rare beef, Butter, Lard, Gluten Free Products, Organic Veggies and Fruits, Nuts, Rice and Beans, Fish, Baked or Rotisserie Style Cooking.

After You Have Abstained From The 12 Deadly Foods For Approximately 15 Days, Your Body is Ready To Absorb Nutrition.  Andres Recommends the Medical Nutrition Products below.   You Should Experience Health Improvements and Results Within 30 to 90 Days If You have dosed Properly According To Your Body Weight.  Take The Products Every Day for at Least 90 days For Results.  Now That You Watch The Video, Let's Get Healthy.
Our product is 95% absorbable.  Do not waste your money on expensive brands that will not give you results.

Healthy Body Start Pak™ 2.0 (Beyond Osteo-Fx Liquid)

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BTT 2.0 Tablets - 120 Tablets


Easily provide your body with the essential nutrients needed for optimal health with Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0 Tablets! Plus, BTT 2.0 Tablets boast an ORAC Score of 160000, for maximum support against free radicals!

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Ultimate Selenium™ - 90 capsules


Selenium is an important antioxidant shown to protect against cell-damaging free radicals. Ultimate Selenium™ provides selenium, vitamins and other trace minerals and nutrients to support good health.* DIRECTIONS: Take one capsule, three times a day or as directed by your healthcare professional. 

Ultimate Ocean’s Gold™ - 60 Tablets

Ultimate™ Ocean’s Gold™ supports a healthy thyroid, heart function, normal weight, mood stabilization and hormone levels.

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ZRadical™ - 32 fl oz

ZRadical™, featuring 50 mg of pure fucoidan, is an advanced biotherapeutic drink. Combining the best of nature and science, this powerful blend is formulated to support immune, cardiovascular, neurological, and joint health.* All in a great-tasting drink that the whole family will enjoy. Fucoidan is a sulfated polysaccharide and has long been recognized as a key to long and healthy lives. It has been used for centuries for its health-giving properties in Japan, South America, and Europe.* Our fucoidan comes from marine vegetables harvested using an environmentally responsible method from the extreme northern and southern hemispheres, where the ocean is the coldest and purest in the world

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