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Dosage | How To Take Youngevity's Supplements For Adults and Children

When it comes to Dr. Wallach's medical nutritional products, proper dosage is imperative in order for you to regain your health.  Underdosing will have a poor efficacy and will reduce the chance of achieving health maintenance.  It is recommended to dose according to your body weight.  PLEASE NOTE: Do not dose by weight with other nutritional products.  Other supplements are synthetic and contain non-organic GMO ingredients. 

How To Mix Youngevity's Healthy Start Pak 2.0
Video By Matthew Cowan

The following video demonstrates how to mix Youngevity's Basic Healthy Body Start Pak that includes Tangy Tangerine, Beyond Osteo fx and EFA Plus Gel Capsules.  Mathew is demonstrating the dosage for his weight of 150lbs.

How To Take Youngevity's Supplements Per 150lbs.
Video By Matthew Cowan

In this video, Matthew demonstrates how to take various Youngevity's supplements including Ultimate Classic, Sweet Eze, Selenium, Ultimate EFA Plus and other supplements.

How To Dose Children The 90 Essential Nutrients.
Video By Dr. Peter Glidden ND

In this video, Dr. Peter Glidden demonstrates how to dose children the 90 Essential Nutrients.

The Guide To Health Recovery-11.jpg
Andres Padua's Daily Supplements
Photo by Andres Padua
Andres suffered from 14 diseases.  He followed Matthew's idea using storage containers as shown in the photograph.  Andres takes one of these storage containers during each meal (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner).  He prepares all his containers for 7 days which is a total of 21 storage containers.
Do not become intimidated if you have over 30 supplements in each storage container especially if you weigh 300 lbs or more and suffer many illnesses.  Those containers can get pretty full depending on your illnesses and your weight.
PLEASE NOTE: Do not dose per body weight with other supplements.  Many supplements sold in stores and online are synthetic, Genetically Modified and are not organic.  Many supplement companies add fillers to their products.  Please watch the video "The Science Behind Youngeity."
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