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Coronavirus: What Health Officials and The Media Are Not Telling You

"Wash your hands thoroughly. Wear a mask." This is the health advice you hear from health officials and the media echos it. Sure, that's fine and dandy but what if after washing your hands and you entered a Dunkin Donut and ordered a cup of coffee. The worker who handed you the coffee has the coronavirus without any noticeable symptoms or you enter a bus and the passenger next to you has the coronavirus? So much for washing your hands huh? Hey, I'm not mocking those individuals who wash their hands 1,000 times a day and wears a mask when they go out in public. Wearing a mask actually protects the public from contracting viruses but the individual who wears the mask is really not that protected. Any airborne virus can enter the body through the eyes, skin, etc. If you really want to be protected from any viruses the conventional way, you need to wear a biochemical suit every day and never take it off until the virus passes. This will be difficult especially when you need to bathe, eat and release your bowels.


Protect yourself 24-hours from all external chemicals, airborne diseases, infectious diseases, viruses and other hazardous chemicals your government is spraying over the atmosphere. Don't delay, get yours today. All sizes are available. Also gender-neutral suits are also available in various colors.


Unfortunately, due to the widespread of the coronavirus, this product is in backorder until 2022. Find another way to protect yourself until then.

Is There an Easier Way To Protect Yourself From Infectious Diseases and Viruses?

Why doesn't the media or health officials advise the public to boost and strengthen their immune system which is far more effective for fighting viruses? Is the FDA, CDC, WHO, AMA all ignorant and have no idea how to strengthen the immune system? or are they suppressing this information to prepare you for the new vaccine coming to your local community near you? What about those who contracted the Coronavirus and died? Did those individuals had a chronic illness and got worse when they contracted the coronavirus? Is the coronavirus the primary illness to blame for the death of certain individuals?

Dr. Peter Glidden explains The stupidity of the Coronavirus.

How To Boost and Strengthen Your Immune System

One of the best health advice you can receive is "KEEP YOURSELF HEALTHY." That's easier said than done. Food for thought: Did you know GMO foods, certain preservatives and chemicals laced in our food supply compromises your immune system? 🤔

Obviously the first thing everyone must do is avoid the foods that are compromising your immune system and that is causing your health to worsen. There are 12 bad foods everyone needs to avoid immediately. Watch the video below.

Most people depend on medical doctors, nutritionists, holistic practitioners, and other professionals for health advice. This can be very complicated because most of these practitioners or professionals have a different perspective and philosophy when it comes to the health, medical and the food industry.

A perfect example, for instance, some medical practitioners claim certain oils are healthy and they site medical studies as the gospel and proof oils are healthy while others from the same branch of medicine claim the opposite citing other medical studies. This is just one example of the confusion in the health and medical industry. Whose advice should we take? Which medical study is advocating true science?

How about listening and learning from individuals who reversed (aka "Cured") their diseases including chronic diseases the medical industry claims cures do not exist for these illnesses. How is it possible the average individual can reverse their diseases without attending medical school while a medical doctor who has spent years in the universities learning how to manage diseases rather than curing them?

You Don't Need Another Diet Plan.

You Need a Health Recovery Plan.

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