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What the 90 Essential Nutrients Did To These Individuals

Testimony by Debbie Rasmussen


Fibromyalgia, Osteo Arthritis and others

Testimony by Shenay Vandiver


Watch Shenay Vandiver's testimony about her grandmothers Alzheimer's disease and her remarkable recovery. A simple fix that can change someone's life forever!

Testimony by Gordon Miles



Testimony by Donna Marie Semmens From New Zealand


Various illnesses.

Testimony, Young Lady Reverses Her Breast Cancer With The 90 Essential Nutrients

Watch the video and learn how Janetta reversed her Breast Cancer with The 90 Essential Nutrients.  Before you purchase any vitamins and minerals to support your disorders, avoid THE 12 DEADLY FOODS for maximum absorption.  They are known as the 12 DEADLY FOODS because it impedes absorption of minerals and vitamins.  Do not waste your money and time nutrifying your body if you are still consuming the 12 DEADLY FOODS.

Testimony, Reversed Arthritis, Diabetes and Chronic High Blood Pressure

When doctors tell you "once you're diabetic, you're always a diabetic" the 90 Essential Nutrients will tell you differently.

Stop Eating The 12 Deadly Foods
  • Wheat
  • Barley
  • Rye
  • Oats
  • Oils in a bottle
  • Fried Foods
  • Deli Meats w/Nitrates & Nitrites
  • Carbonated Drinks with Meals
  • Skins of Baked Potatoes
  • Well Done Red Meat
  • Corn, Soy and all GMO Foods 
90 Essential Nutrients (Healthy Body Paks), Salt, Eggs, Poultry with The Skins, rare or medium rare beef, Butter, Lard, Gluten Free Products, Organic Veggies and Fruits, Nuts, Rice and Beans, Fish, Baked or Rotisserie Style Cooking.

After You Have Abstained From The 12 Deadly Foods For Approximately 15 Days, Your Body is Ready To Absorb Nutrition.  Andres Recommends the Medical Nutrition Products below.   You Should Experience Health Improvements and Results Within 30 to 90 Days If You have dosed Properly According To Your Body Weight.  Take The Products Every Day for at Least 90 days For Results.  Now That You Watch The Video, Let's Get Healthy.
Our product is 95% absorbable.  Do not waste your money on expensive brands that will not give you results.

Are You Ready To Recover Your Health Back To Full Vibrancy?

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