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Product Training, Affiliate Compensation Plan, Policy, Dosage and Other Training Topics

Youngevity Core Products Training


This training includes the core products, Healthy Body Paks and the supplements included in these paks.  Youngevity carries hundreds of products.

Understanding Youngevity's Proline
Dr. Peter Glidden


This webinar including training on Youngevity's Proline: (Imortalium, Ocutiv, Synaptiv, Tangy Tangerine Tablets, Ultimate Daily Classic, Xerafem and XeraTest.

How To Mix Youngevity's Healthy Start Pak 2.0
Video By Matthew Cowan

The following video demonstrates how to mix Youngevity's Basic Healthy Body Start Pak that includes Tangy Tangerine, Beyond Osteo fx and EFA Plus Gel Capsules.  Mathew is demonstrating the dosage for his weight of 150lbs.

How To Take Youngevity's Supplements 150 lbs.
Video By Matthew Cowan

In this video, Matthew demonstrates how to take various Youngevity's supplements including Ultimate Classic, Sweet Eze, Selenium, Ultimate EFA Plus and other supplements.

How To Dose Children The 90 Essential Nutrients.
Video By Dr. Peter Glidden ND

In this video, Dr. Peter Glidden demonstrates how to dose children the 90 Essential Nutrients.

Contact Andres Padua for all information including (Trouble locating products in our Youngevity store, product information, health questions, how to dose properly for effective and maximum absorption, becoming an affiliate, health nutrition training, health recovery workshops etc.)  If you do not receive a response within 24-hours, we may have received an incorrect email.)

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